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It's the generosity and personal sacrifices of donors like you that make Lifewater possible. Without our donors' support, no wells would be drilled, no pumps would be repaired, no rainwater catchment systems installed, no latrines and hand-washing stations constructed, and no health and hygiene training provided.

In short, no water would flow and no lives would be saved.

We thought it would be encouraging to introduce some of those faithful donors to you. They are profiled here.

Grade 2 students at Dr. Roberta Bondar School in Calgary donated their allowances, birthday money and more to provide safe water to struggling children and adults in Nigeria.

The Hoevenaars family organized annual talent shows that have kept safe water flowing in Africa year after year.

Don Bannerman became a Lifewater Canada donor after seeing first-hand how the organization operates in Haiti.

Matthew (aka "MisterHomes") is a video game fan who was stunned by the support his online fundraising event for Lifewater achieved.

Tim Walton and Philip Seel continue to support Lifewater more than 10 years after being part of a five-member team that ran 420 kilometers through a desert in British Columbia to raise money to drill water wells. The wells are in memory of their late friend Arno Ekkert.

Karl VanHeyst and Dr. Karen Bailey of Ontario were attracted to Lifewater because of its commitment to provide safe water at the lowest possible cost to donors.

There is a 91-year-old man in Canada who sometimes forgoes groceries to afford donations to Lifewater, concluding that other people's needs for water are greater than his own for food. 

Courtney Bushell almost died from drinking contaminated water. It didn't happen in an impoverished Third World country. It happened in Canada, and made Courtney a passionate advocate for safe water for everyone.

B.C. author Anne DeGrace has always believed clean water is an essential human right. So when she learned about Lifewater Canada, Anne and her husband were immediately interested.

Bob Jarrett lives in the southern U.S. but has been an overseas volunteer and financial supporter of Lifewater Canada, a charity based in northern Ontario, for many years.

Lisa Cossar was on the verge of turning 50 in 2014 when a friend suggested the ideal birthday present. The now-retired teacher provides details.


If you'd like to share your own Lifewater story, either publicly or anonymously, please email us at

In additional to individual donors, we have foundations, business, civic groups, churches, and schools that make safe water possible. Learn more about them.

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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