Someone -- often a child -- is dying every 20 seconds from diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water and inadequate sanitation and hygiene. YOU can save lives. Please donate TODAY. Because our overhead is consistently less than 10%, every $1 you invest provides a child or adult with safe water for a year!

You can . . .

In return for whatever amount you donate, you can receive a receipt to reduce both your federal and provincial taxes. Federally, you get a credit of 15 per cent of the amount donated for the first $200 of annual charitable donations. The credit jumps to 29 per cent for cumulative donations above $200 (or 33 per cent if you have income subject to the top 33-per-cent federal rate, which is income of more than $221,708 in 2022). Parallel provincial credits work similarly, providing most Canadians with a minimum combined federal/provincial tax credit worth at least 40 per cent for donations above $200 annually.


Mail a Cheque 

Send a cheque or money order to "Lifewater":
     Lifewater Canada
     457 Heather Cres.
     Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7E 5L1

For U.S. donors, please scroll to the bottom of this page.


Credit Card

You can make a convenient credit card donation right now through the highly secure CanadaHelps website. Choose between a one-time or monthly donation, and select your dollar amount. 



Make a fast donation, skip the fees associated with credit card gifts, and maximize the power of every dollar you donate!

  1. Log onto your Canadian bank account (not U.S. banks) and send your eTransfer to:
  2. Use password "lifewater" or email us if you want to use something different.
  3. Please email or call us to clarify whether you want your funds to go "where the need is greatest" or to a specific type of project in a country of your choosing!
  4. Please email us your complete postal address so we can send you an official tax receipt (Revenue Canada requires a postal address to make the receipt official) and our twice a year newsletter.



You can also donate to Lifewater through the PayPal Giving Fund in Canada. PayPal will accept your donation and forward the funds to us without charging you or us a service fee. If you give through PayPal, please check the box that enables Lifewater to know who sent us the donation so we can personally thank you!


Donate Securities

Donate stocks, mutual funds or other securities to Lifewater through the highly secure CanadaHelps website (click on the site's "Donate Securities" button) or by downloading and filling out forms, then submitting them to our financial planning services partner, Link Charity. These organizations charge processing fees which will reduce the total amount of your donation.

There are no capital gains taxes on securities donated to charities through Canada Helps or Link Charity. That maximizes your gift to Lifewater and gives you a bigger tax receipt! 

For example, if the stock you bought for $1,000 is now worth $5,000, you have a capital gain of $4,000 of which $2,000 is taxable income. If you donate the stock, you are exempt from this taxable gain. Depending on your tax bracket, donating stock instead of net proceeds can save you from $200 to $1,060 in income tax. And Lifewater receives more too!


Donate Cryptocurrencies

You can donate Bitcoin and/or Ether to Lifewater. Make your cryptocurrency donation through the secure CanadaHelps website. CanadaHelps will convert the gift to Canadian currency, give the funds to Lifewater Canada, and email you a Canadian-currency tax receipt.


Payroll Deduction

Some companies have donation matching programs which can multiply the impact of your gift to Lifewater.

You can also direct part or all of your United Way payroll deductions to Lifewater. Because we work overseas, we are not a designated United Way Charity. However, you can donate to Lifewater while actively supporting your workplace drive. On your United Way Pledge Form under the heading "Additional Giving Options," you can designate your donation to Lifewater using this information:
Charity: Lifewater Canada
City: Thunder Bay, ON, P7E 5L1
Charitable Business Number: 885420737 RR 0001

Please note that some United Way offices charge a $16 fee for providing this service and the designated donation must be at least $25.


Fundraising Events

You can also organize your own Lifewater Canada fundraising event. Our "Get Involved" page offers lots of suggestions, and detailed instructions for raising funds online or at your event.

Read our Donor Privacy Policy


For donation or receipt questions, please email
Lost the receipt for your credit card donation? CLICK HERE to get a copy


U.S. Donations

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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