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There are real people -- children and adults -- benefiting every day from the safe, accessible water our donors provide. Here are some of their stories. Click on each link for details.


Despite an existing water well, these Haitian students were constantly thirsty

Disabled woman thankful for rainwater harvesting/storage system

Hosea Apeh suffered many setbacks in his efforts to establish our partner, Lifewater Nigeria

Buying drinking water drains Haitian and African communities' resources

Little schoolchildren sometimes forced to drink from ditches

Well caretaker's death sparks crisis

Like Nehemiah – building with one hand and guarding with the other

Before and after in a Nigerian village

Risking danger -- and humiliation -- to gather water

Drilling team leader experiences water shortage first-hand

Villagers forced to drink rust-tainted water

School needed functioning well to protect students against COVID-19

Meet Yohanna, a Lifewater Well Caretaker

The Nigerian community relied on a dangerous, brown-colored creek

Community's surroundings both a benefit and a burden

Wells an incentive to settle community differences

Canadian donor visits Lifewater projects in Kenya

Dirty water sending Nigerian schoolchildren to hospital

School principal in Kenya writes to us -- and our donors!

You can dramatically improve people's lives -- sometimes in only 90 minutes!

Repaired hand pump "a gift of love to friends in Jesus' name"

African community had river, several wells, but no safe water

Lifewater's hand-powered pumps a welcome alternative to electrical versions

Lifewater donors provide safe water to meet Muslim community's urgent needs

Failing wells leave villagers desperate for water

Lifewater’s well-drilling and “maintenance culture” applauded

Repair well brings safe water – and sound sleep!

Liberian town mourns children who died from bad water


Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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