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Since 1995, we've been working to empower local people in Africa and Haiti to provide safe water and sanitation in their communities that desperately need it. But we can't do it without you! Big or small, regardless of your age or income, there is something you can do. Help us raise awareness and/or work towards meeting a fundraising goal. The sky is the limit!

The first and simplest way to help is by liking Lifewater Canada on Facebook! Then share us with your friends. This spreads the word and boosts our search engine ranking. 

You can also organize your own fundraising event.

Fundraising ideas


Organizing your fundraising event

Once you've decided on the type of fundraising event you want, our Fundraising Kit will help:

1. Online Campaign Instructions

2. Offline Campaign Donation Form

3. Lifewater Canada Fact Sheets

4. News Release - Lifewater among Canada's 10 most impactful charities for FIFTH year in a row

5. Lifewater Brochure

6. Lifewater Newsletter -- Spring 2023

It's important to decide how you want to collect donations. If online giving with credit cards is easiest, set up a special page on the CanadaHelps website. You'll find details in the Fundraising Kit's Online Campaign Instructions. Donations will be automatically assigned to your fundraising event as they are made so you can track them. If you are collecting cash or cheques, use the Fundraising Kit's Offline Campaign Donation Form to gather donors' names and contact information so we can issue tax receipts to everyone. 

After your event, we can assign all of the money you've raised to a specific water project in Africa or Haiti, and provide photos and other details for you to share with your supporters. You will receive a project certificate, and your project will continue to be listed on the Lifewater Canada web site so you can monitor it.

The Fundraising Kit also includes Lifewater Canada Fact Sheets to share with your friends and family to help them understand why you are raising money for safe, accessible water.

And here are some other important resources to aid you in fundraising:


Video Links (hosted on YouTube):


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Dirty drinking water


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Dirty drinking water


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Liberian girls carrying water


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Safe water flowing in Haiti


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Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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