Drilling team leader experiences water shortage first-hand

The leader of our drilling and pump repair team in Nigeria received first-hand experience recently of what it’s like to live without convenient access to water.

The well next to Hosea Apeh’s home in Karsana, a town just outside the Nigerian capital of Abuja, stopped working on a Sunday morning just as he and his family were preparing to go to church.

Impact Photo - Hosea Apeh.jpg 33 KB“Frantic efforts began to resolve the issue,” Hosea recalled, noting it was the first problem he’d had with the well since moving into their home two years ago. “Alas, the submersible pump had broken down and needed to be replaced. On a Sunday morning with all businesses closed, we had to deal with a water need like we had not faced in a long time.”

Fortunately, the family could obtain water from neighboring homes, and the broken electrical pump was soon replaced with a new one.

“Twenty-four hours later, we are thankful to God that we now have water,” Hosea told us in an email. “For me, it was a grim reminder of how people in rural areas face the reality of many, many days of poor water supply. And we are just thankful for all the support to bring joy to the faces of many (in Africa) through clean water. Thank you, Lifewater Canada.”

And we thank the supporters of Lifewater Canada who make the well drilling and pump repair work possible. It is YOU who are supplying safe, accessible water to more Africans and Haitians each day!


Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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