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Thanks for the opportunity to share some of the stories from our work here in Nigeria. One of the remarkable stories for me happened in a community where we provided a well three years ago. There are two dominant tribes in the village, (the Mada and Eggon tribes). For a very long time, they have lived with animosity amongst each other as a result of some old traditional issues dating back some fifty [50] years. When we were invited to help them with a well in the village, some of the underlining issues came to the surface. That almost dampened our motive as we threatened to leave their village without a well. The Mada speaking residents of the village wanted the well in their part of the village, while the Eggon people threatened not to be part of the water project if it was not drilled in their part of the village. Our team was not just faced with helping them with water, but also faced with threats from these two tribes. Each tribe even threatened sabotage of the well if it was drilled at all. As a result of this, we decided to meet with the leaders of the village representing the two tribes. It was a strong message from us that if they did not decide to work together as a group, no meaningful development would come to the village.

As a result of our meeting, the two communities decided to meet in the village square and resolved to live at peace with each other so that further developments of the village can become a reality. We were happy because not only did we provide clean and safe drinking water to the village, we also established what was a resolve on their own part to live at peace with each other. Their story has become a model for our work in other places. The provision of clean and safe drinking water can become a catalyst for peaceful existence amongst people. Through our partnership with Lifewater Canada, we have brought people together who otherwise had nothing to do with their neighbors. Thanks for the help! Silas Dauji, Director, Grace Community Development Agency, Nigeria.

lifewater village

lifewater village

The following note is from Tommy Towalid, Chairman of Lifewater Liberia Incorporated: Happy are people who find water a blessing! When life is almost impossible and water is the only source of hope, clean water is out of the question because people understand that ‘water is just water’ and they don’t mind what kind of water, clean or dirty. Workshops are conducted by Lifewater in communities to teach the importance of clean water and wells are drilled for their use. This has changed lives of many and has brought forth the true meaning of life. I would like to tell you two of their stories.

Story 1: Oldma Nancy, mother of eight, revealed to me that she likes her story heard as a confession that Lifewater Liberia Inc (L-Linc) has blessed her and her children from the shackles of death. She boasted of Lifewater efforts in the areas of water and counseling/workshop for her children, saying they are testimony of her joy. Death would have held them captives had Lifewater not gone to drill and hold workshops to improve their lives. After many months, what is touching is that Oldma Nancy, out of her merger resources obtained from selling local products, cassava, palava sauce and okra found Lifewater’s office to make a contribution of LD$ 135 about (US$2) in appreciation of L-Linc’s effort. It is her prayer that Lifewater continues to help communities that lives may be prolonged.

Story 2: A few weeks ago I was travelling to Harper, Maryland County on telecommunications business when I stopped in Ganta, Nimba County to have a lunch. At the table I met fellows having lunch. We engaged in a friendly conversation. At the end of the lunch, I gave them my call cards which brought excitement as they found that I am a member of Lifewater, an organization that blessed an orphanage and their adjacent village in seven years ago when they were in dire need of water. Much was said and Lifewater was praised. I then felt we are making great impact on the lives of people we have reached in this country. Thank-you to everyone who donates funds enabling us to spread this blessing!

lifewater village

Note from Liberian Program Coordinator: My Encounter with Flomo from Troyah Village
On 10 March 2008, I travelled to my own village - Troyah Village and met Flomo very sick and pale. I asked him what was his problem. He reply, "My son, I don't really know, but some people say the creek we get drinking water from is very bad". I advised Flomo and the residents of Troyah Village to contact an organization called Lifewater Liberia to help them with a hand pump. The village chief contacted Lifewater Liberia and a hand pump was provided for the village. I then went to Lifewater and offered to help her for low pay to help other villages plant a pump.
I met Flomo on 26 December 2008. He told me that since the time Lifewater put the pump, they have not experienced running stomach, cholera and other diseases. He said that had it not been for Lifewater Liberia, many deaths would have occurred in their village. Ever since Lifewater Liberia put the hand pump in their village, he goes to other villages telling the people to contact Lifewater Liberia to give them hand pump to save them from getting sick. Flomo's final comment: "Lifewater Liberia is saving lives in Liberia through the provision of safe drinking water". Sincerely, John, Beneficiary of Lifewater facility and new Program Coordinator

lifewater village

Note from Lifewater Liberia Director "From Where I Sit"
WAR! WAR! Again!?! YES! But this time it is against DYSENTRY, DIARRHEA, and CHOLERA. Lifewater Liberia is serving as a peacemaker. The problem that brought the war between Lifewater Liberia and these 3 enemies centered around safe drinking water. These enemies thought that Lifewater Liberia was not prepared to prevent them from spreading within our communities and villages, but with the blessing of God, Lifewater Canada can continue to aid us in this fight. May God bless all our donors!
Coca Cola Community, one of the newest established communities around the Coca Cola Factory, had serious problems for safe drinking water. The community dug a shallow well about 13 feet deep. Not knowing the danger of shallow wells, the community started using it as a drinking source. Two weeks later, there was an out breaking of serious diarrhea and running stomach amongst the residents of the community.
Lifewater was contacted through the leadership of the community and a new hand pump planted. Now they have a happy community to live in! Please extend our thanks to all donors!

lifewater village

Note from Lifewater Liberia Director:
On Thursday, June 23rd at 2:30PM Liberian Time during the opening ceremony of the new hand pump, a little boy called Mulbah was happier than the rest of the kids. I talked to him:
Lifewater: "Mulbah, why are you so happy?"
Mulbah: "I am happy because of this new hand pump planted in my community, not only in my community, but it is very close to my house"
Lifewater: "Mulbah, installing handpumps in community's and villages is Lifewater Liberia responsibility."
Mulbah: "Last year, about this time, I lost my young brother because of unsafe water - we had a shallow well about 5 feet and it is where my brother drank from."
Lifewater: "Where was your father when your little brother drank the unsafe water?"
Mulbah: "He was at work.
Lifewater, my brother died from running stomach. I know by planting this hand pump will help to save the young children of this community from dying of running stomach"
Lifewater: "Mulbah, what is your final word?"
Mulbah: "My final word is I advise all of friends to stop drinking from shallow wells"


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