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Non-Profit Organizations Addressing Developing World Water Needs

(Also see the Water, Engineering and Development Centre's 1996 "Water and NGOs" Workshop summary)

  • Action contre la Faim (ACF) written in French (France) or Action Against Hunger (USA). ACF responds to emergencies and assists rehabilitation efforts after crises. They work in four areas, including water and sanitation projects such as building or restoring water distribution systems, constructing wells, and developing sanitation programs.
  • Aqua Para La Vida (Working in Nicaragua). Helps small, rural communities develop and maintain access to safe drinking water, primarily through gravity-feed water systems. Operates a work-study school (Escuela Tecnica Agua Potable) which has a three-year Water Project Director curriculum.
  • Care Water Projects (US). Works to reduce the health risks of water-related diseases in developing countries and save time spent gathering water. Provides assistance and training to rural communities and urban neighbourhoods to help them construct and manage low-cost water and sanitation systems. This web site includes evaluations of recent water and sanitation projects in developing countries.
  • Charity:Water (US). This non-profit organization has rapidly become one of the world's largest water fundraisers. They fund other groups drilling wells in developing countries
  • Children's Cup International Relief (US). Provides chlorine generation equipment for water purification in southeast Asia and Africa.
  • Christian Relief Services (US). Administers water supply projects in the US and Africa, including well drilling and gravity flow distribution system construction.
  • Clean Water for Haiti (Working in Haiti). A volunteer run, faith based missions and humanitarian aid organization. Focused mainly on providing clean water through manufacture and use of household slow sand biofilters. Work is supported by the Cup of Cold Water Project.
  • Community Aid Abroad (Australia). Supports community-based self help projects in 30 countries around the world in seven different areas, including agriculture, health, environmental protection, and human rights.
  • Dig Deep Africa (UK). Founded in 2007, this NGO works with communities and schools in South West Kenya to provide them with access to water, sanitation, and deliver hygiene training.
  • Drop in the Bucket (US). Founded in 2006. Los Angeles based with field offices in Uganda and South Sudan. Build wells and sanitation systems at large rural schools in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Doctors Without Borders (US) OR MSF: Médecins Sans Frontières Int'l (Holland). Provides emergency health care and water supplies/sanitation assistance around the world.
  • El Porvenir (Nicaragua). Works in the country of Nicaragua to support self-help community projects in sustainable infrastructure, including well and latrine construction and reforestation.
  • Global Aid Network (Working in China and Benin). GAiN is achieving concrete results that improve the lives of vulnerable people in Benin, in particular women and children.
  • Healing Waters International Inc. (Working in Dominican Republic). This Christian organization builds water purification systems at local churches in poor communities, trains the churches to operate them and manage the accounting, supervises the accounting of the project, and provides technical support.
  • Hope Spring (UK). Founded in 2015, it works mainly in West Africa, where it helps water poor communities to access safe, clean water. The charity also conduct workshop and advocacy in sanitation and hygiene.
  • Initiative: Eau (US). Founded in 2013, this NGO is committed to providing sustainable support to regions experiencing lack of access to clean water and a need for improved sanitation by promoting community-led initiatives and by engaging in innovative research. Currently active in Burkina Faso and Nigeria, with a focus on cities.
  • Life From Water (Egypt). Founded in 2011, it's the first foundation in Egypt that specialises in water. The aim of the foundation is to provide poor people in neglegted regions with clean, sustainable drinking water solutions and to empower them
  • Lifewater International (US) Lifewater Canada's sister site, which contains project updates, USAID technical notes on water supply development issues, and information on training relevant to rural water supply development.
  • Living Water International (US). Provides training and equipment to assist developing countries in producing clean, healthy drinking water. Current projects in Kenya, Ghana, and several Central American countries are described.
  • Marion Medical Mission (Malawi). Since 1991 Marion Medical Mission has built over 3500 shallow wells providing over 800,000 people with safe drinking water. They work closely with the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian and with the Embangweni Hospital.
  • MCC: Mennonite Central Committee (Canada). MCC is working to help families and communities gain access to water, a vital resource. The site includes descriptions of drinking water-related projects, including dam building efforts.
  • Ok Clean Water Project (Canada). Active since 2003 based out of Ottawa, Canada. Volunteers raise funds to support water delivery systems in Kumbo, Cameroon Africa and the surrounding villages. In exchange, the villagers volunteer their labor to build the infrastructure and receive training to manage/maintain the systems.
  • Operation Blessing (Mainly working in India, Romania & the Philippines) This Christian organization founded by Pat Robertson drills wells and builds cisterns in developing countries. Health and Hygiene education follows-up new water supply construction.
  • Pump Aid (UK). Working in Malawi, this NGO brings a new approach to aid and uses small-business models to work with entrepreneurs and communities so they can reach a point of self-reliance where they don't depend on anyone else..
  • Ryan's Well Foundation This Canadian foundation raises awareness about the need for safe drinking water in developing countries and also raises money for wells in Africa.
  • Servants in Faith & Technology (Southern Institute for Appropriate Technology). Site describes appropriate technologies for developing communities, including low-tech pump, construction, and agricultural technologies. Plus great international recipes!
  • The Water Project (US). Active since 2006, this Christian-based non-profit working with Burkina Faso, Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Uganda. Use local labor and management, with the help of donated funds, to help dig wells, build small dams, collect rainwater, and filter water using Biosand water filtration systems.
  • ThirstNoMore (Sudan). Drilling wells for humanitarian relief in Darfur.
  • Voss Foundation (Norway). Active since 2008, this NGO works in sub-Saharan Africa to help communities fulfill water requirements with a particular interest in assisting women and girls. Projects primarily involve a combination to well-digging/creation/rehabilitation, pumping, and piping.
  • Water Access Now. Founded in 2013, Water Access Now's mission is to bring water to villages in Ghana, through education, sustainable programs, and local partners who share the vision to support over 9 million people in Ghana who lack predictable water.
  • WaterAid (UK). Site contains case studies of water development projects, anticipated sanitation crises in urban areas, and community participation. Site has a cool kid's educational game on water supply.
  • WaterAid (Canada). Organization funds and manages small-scale clean water and sanitation projects with an emphasis on sustainability and community participation.
  • Water Ambassadors (Canada). Works with Living Water International in Central America to bring clean water to developing countries in the name of Jesus Christ by drilling and repairing wells and installing chlorination systems.
  • Water for Children Africa (US). Site describes safe drinking water and cottage industry development, as well as volunteer opportunities. One theme is development of cultural bridges between American and African communities.
  • Water for Life (US) Provides well construction references.
  • Water For People (Canada and US). An organization founded by AWWA in 1991 to fund water treatment, supply, and hygiene projects. Works in 35 countries around the world.
  • Water For South Sudan (Working in Sudan). Their mission is to create access to and monitor safe drinking water for communities in Sudan by drilling wells, installing pumping equipment and basic purification systems.
  • Water.org (US). Founded as WaterPartners International in 1990. Wants to find new solutions, new financial models, greater transparency, and local partnerships. Encourages community ownership, and selects technology based on local conditions. Works in Africa in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.
  • Water to Thrive (US). Founded in 2008, this Austin, Texas, faith-based organization that raises money and awareness for water projects in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania. Works with local NGOs to build the most effective wells.
  • Water Wells for Africa (Working in Malawi). WWFA has been drilling wells since 1992. It costs $5,000 to install each well - this includes training the local people to maintain the equipment and manage the resources.
  • Wells Bring Hope (US). 53] Active since August 2008, WBH saves and transforms lives by drilling deep-water wells to provide safe, clean water to rural villages in Niger, West Africa, the poorest country in the world.
  • Wells of Hope (Canada). Led by Ted Van der Zalm, this small non-profit group is working to drill 30 wells/year to provide rural Guatemalan communities with sustainable fresh water supplies. The cost of one well is approximately $10,000.
  • Well Spring Africa (US). Promotes water well drilling with a 3000-year old technology, the hand-powered percussion drill. Book and video are available at low cost.
  • World Renew Canada. Christian organization that partners with local organizations in more than 30 countries to address a variety of essentials including safe water.
  • World Vision (Canada or US ). Christian organization working in 90 countries in natural disaster relief response, child sponsorship, and other types of development and emergency projects.

Canadian Water Sites

  • Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA). Canada's water management professional organization. The site covers water resource management issues with special attention to irrigation and education strategies. The water news section contains much of interest to developing countries, including recent articles on management issues in Egypt, Oman, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.
  • Environment Canada - Water and the Environment. This site  covers many topic areas, ranging from water policy to management issues such as floods, water quality, and economics. Information is available from provincial, national, and international sources.
  • Well Drilling Training (Fleming College). College offers training for well drilling professionals.

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