There is Ongoing Project Follow-Up


All Lifewater Canada projects are tracked in a database custom-designed by Ideas Computer in Thunder Bay, ON. Using this database, we track key information including:


Project Database

  • When wells were drilled and community toilets were built
  • When facilities were last inspected
  • Hand pump repair and maintenance history
  • Names and cell phone numbers for trained village Well Caretakers and Repair Technicians
  • Maintenance contract information (type, payments received, etc.

Villagers can maintain their water and sanitation facilities in any of the following ways:

  • Take care of them entirely by themselves
  • Buy the parts they need from Lifewater "at cost" and do the work themselves
      • Wait until their pump breaks and then contact Lifewater to repair it (and be charged a small fee for parts and labour)
        • Sign a flat-fee contract (in Liberia only) for the Lifewater crew to perform scheduled preventative maintenance

Pump Repair

Sometimes, village-level maintenance fails and pumps sit broken or toilets become filthy and unused. Lifewater then conducts a health and hygiene workshop to ensure people understand the connection between sickness, unsafe water, and poor sanitation.

Lifewater then offers to repair their facilities but cost-recovery fees are charged.


Lifewater Canada volunteers, paying their own travel costs, periodically visit previously completed projects to observe long-term maintenance and use.


Read more about our strategy:

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