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Africans Drill Wells

Local crews effectively drill wells which provide long-term supplies of safe drinking water for 200 to 500 people.

The centerpiece of this program is the lightweight LS-100 and LS200 mud-rotary drill rigs. They are affordable, simple to operate and portable: they can be transported in the back of a small truck to "out-back" places.

Using Drill Mud, the LS-100 can drill a 6-inch bore hole up to 100 feet below the water table.


Marsh  Funnel

Other Simple Equipment includes:

  • Marsh Funnels to check the viscosity of drilling fluid.
  • Water level meters to accurately Assess Well Yield;
  • Mud pumps, jet pumps & hand bailers to Develop Wells:
  • Field test kits are used to confirm that water is Safe to Drink;
  • GPS units to accurately record project locations;
  • Digital camera's to capture project details for donors.


Bush pump in Liberia Wells are usually completed by installing a positive displacement hand pump such as the Afridev. This UNICEF pump is ideal for Village Level Operation and Maintenance because few hand tools are needed to repair it - even a simple car tire wrench can be used to perform basic maintenance!If pumps used in the area are expensive or parts are hard to get, we use the BUSH pump. Because it is built in-country, this pump can be repaired using locally available parts. It also has the advantage of being ugly and having low looting value!


Pour Flush Latrine

Vault Toilets and Pour-Flush Washrooms are built using simple, readily available tools including:

  • Shovels and other digging tools
  • Basic carpentry tools (saw, hammer, screwdrivers, level, hand drill etc)
  • Cement working trowel
  • Wood forms


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Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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