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Teach a man to fish

Teach a Man to Fish

At the dedication for’s first well, a Liberian Bishop quoted this well-known African proverb. This dramatically shaped development of our approach over time. Nothing better sums up our approach to training and equipping rather than giving hand-outs and short-term emergency aid.


Liberian Child

Over the past decade, governments and donor agencies such as the World Bank have spent up to $100/person to provide safe drinking water in underdeveloped areas. Lifewater Canada does this same work for $10/person by:

  • Being run by volunteers working from home to keep overhead under 5% - see our $$ Statements
  • Focusing on low cost technologies
  • Empowering local people
  • With so many lives to save, let's get the easy ones first.


Liberian road leading to Grand Bassa County

We stretch donor dollars to help as many people as possible by working in areas:

  • That are as close to our workers as possible to minimize travel time and expensive truck repairs caused by driving on badly potholed roads
  • Where we have a high success rate (80% or higher) drilling wells
  • Where we do not have to drill deep through hard rock
  • With multiple project sites to make it efficient to mobilize, hold village training workshops and conduct long-term project follow-up



new well being drilled Read More About Our Approach


Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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