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"My heart is full," says parent, after school receives water storage system

Students struggled to have enough drinking water, with none for hand-washing and other sanitation needs.

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Before and after in a Nigerian village

Would you like to see the "before" and "after" impact of a water project in a struggling Nigerian village?

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Suffering humiliation to gather water

What if you had to outrun dogs every day to gather water for your family?

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Grade 2 Students at Dr. Roberta Bondar Shool

Grade 2 students at Dr. Roberta Bondar took action when they learned that children in Africa and Haiti desperately needed safe water.

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Canadian donor visits Lifewater projects in Kenya

Lifewater Canada donor Geoff Koontz spent two days visiting Lifewater projects in Kenya before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic restricted foreign travel to the region. See his story and photos.

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School needed functioning well to combat COVID-19

Water is essential for hand-washing and sanitation to protect against COVID-19 -- including at schools.

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Karl VanHeyst and Dr. Karen Bailey

I encourage everyone to consider Lifewater when planning their giving to a charity, says Karl VanHeyst, whose first contact with Lifewater was back in 2011.

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Dirty water sending schoolchildren to hospital

The water was so contaminated at a school in central Nigeria that during a single week recently, three children had to be hospitalized.

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Hand-powered pumps a welcome alternative

Using a handpump to gather well water is hard work! Why doesn't Lifewater install electrical pumps to make things easier?

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Young mother a passionate advocate for safe water

Courtney Bushell almost died from drinking contaminated water. It didn't happen in an impoverished Third World country. It happened right here in Canada, and made Courtney a passionate advocate for safe water for everyone.

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Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!






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