Morris Farm Public School
Morris Farm Public School
Practicing Washing Hands
Practicing Washing Hands
The Workshop Was Well Attended
The Workshop Was Well Attended
The People of Morris Farm Public School, Liberia, thank
CISVA: St. Edmunds & St. Pius X Elementary Schools (North Vancouver, BC)
The Water Team (Youth Chapter) (Vancouver, BC)

For helping them complete health & hygiene training

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

Every effort was made to drill wells but three attempts failed due to the presence of hard basalt rock. In order to improve the safety of drinking water in this community, a special community health through hygiene workshop was held. Village leaders and parents were taught what disease is, how it is transmitted and how to break the disease transmission pathways. In the absence of a safe well, villagers were shown a number of ways to improve water safety including: - 3 pot filtration method to remove organic material, parasites and large cysts from local surface water supplies; - Options to boil water for 5-10 minutes - Use of 5 drops chlorox in clear water stores at least for half an hour prior to drinking - Use of clean, covered containers to keep water safe to drink. Longer term plans include working with the community to eliminate open defication, considering biosand filtration units and alternative drilling locations and techniques.

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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