Celebrating New Hand Pump and Clean Water Supply
Celebrating New Hand Pump and Clean Water Supply
Old Contaminated Water Hole
Old Contaminated Water Hole
The People of Ariam Primary School, Nigeria, thank
CISVA: St. Andrew's, St. Joseph's & Corpus Christi (Vancouver, BC)
The Water Team (Youth Chapter) (Vancouver, BC)

For helping them get safe drinking water


Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Chiekwe Mbagwu the village water committee. We thank you so much for the sacrifice in staying in our village for close to one month to help us with water May God bless your efforts in the future. We promise to take care of the wells, so that they last very long. Please forgive us if your stay in our village was not very pleasant. We hope you will find time to visit us again in the future. Our village head and other leaders plan to visit you next month to show our appreciation for the four wells provided in different places including our primary school. Sincerely, Chiekwe Mbagwu Assemblies Of God Church Ariam village, Akwanu Local Government area. Abian State. Nigeria.

Project Summary

This latest project consisted of drilling 4 wells in the large village of Ariam, Nigeria. The town's previous water source drew upon one swampy river, where now they have four clean wells and hand pumps located throughout the village.

Well Details

Project Completed: 2009-05-19 Well Depth: 60 ft.
Depth of Water: 8.00 ft. Casing Diameter: 0.00 in.
Screen Length: 6.00 ft. Developed By: Other
Development Time: 4.00 hrs. Well Yield: 2.00 gpm
Disinfection: 24.00 hrs. Handpump: India Mark II
Water Colour: Clear Water Odour: None
Turbidity: Clear Taste:
Nitrate: 0.000 mg/L Bacti Test: Negative
Iron: 1.000 mg/L pH:

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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