Community Overview
Community Overview
Bringing in materials
Bringing in materials
Alternate water source
Alternate water source
Finished project
Finished project
The People of Bwolo, Nigeria, thank
John Ellis Foundation (West Vancouver, BC)
The Water Team (Vancouver, BC)

For helping them get safe drinking water
Latitude: 8.79822 Longitude: 7.0926
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Re: Letter of appreciation for drilling and rehabilitation of handpump

Dear Sir,

We appreciate the job done by the organization for the community of Bwolo. The community is thanking you more and more for your doing and pray for you furthermore in your doings.

Thank you we pray the organization remain blessed.

Yours faithfully,

Yeniga Samuel Danjum


Project Summary

The community depends on one drilled well for the entire community. The old Indian Mark II is usually under constant pressure leading to quick wear and tear. The long queue always leads to frustration among the women and children. This usually led to fight among them. With frequent breakdown of the handpump, they often resort to the open streams and rivers. Presently, Bwolo is one of the communities under threat of insecurity which constitute great risk to women as kidnappers often trail people into isolated locations.

The old pump was replaced with a new AFRIDEV pump. A new well was also drilled. This has brought so much joy to the community as they freely jubilated and expressed their joy.

Well Details

Project Completed: 2021-05-21 Well Depth: 246 ft.
Depth of Water: 50.00 ft. Casing Diameter: 0.00 in.
Screen Length: 100.00 ft. Developed By: Air Backwash
Development Time: 2.00 hrs. Well Yield: 5.00 gpm
Disinfection: 24.00 hrs. Handpump: Afridev
Water Colour: Clear Water Odour: None
Turbidity: Clear Taste: Good
Nitrate: Bacti Test:
Iron: pH:

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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