The Man from Kpaningo
The Man from Kpaningo
Old Water Source
Old Water Source
Finished project
Finished project
The People of Kpaningo I, Nigeria, thank
John Ellis Foundation (West Vancouver, BC)
The Water Team (Vancouver, BC)

For helping them get safe drinking water
Latitude: 8.95481 Longitude: 6.987
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Calvary greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

We the community wish to write and appreciate your love, sacrifice, and support. The Kpaningo Community is overwhelmed by your support and effort of drilling a borehole. Apart from the newly drilled borehole, your company has also fixed an old borehole that was not working. Now we have two boreholes in our community.

May the Lord bless you and increase you.

Andrew Tomale

Project Summary

For women, living in Kpaningo. water collection is often a daunting task. They wake up very early in the morning to face the task usually from 3 am. They either join the queue at the crowded drilled well and face the possibility of quarrels with other women, or walk for close to half an hour to open streams. This well provides opportunity for these women and their children to have access to clean water at great convenience and speed.

Well Details

Project Completed: 2021-04-17 Well Depth: 229 ft.
Depth of Water: 16.00 ft. Casing Diameter: 0.00 in.
Screen Length: 20.00 ft. Developed By: Air Backwash
Development Time: 2.00 hrs. Well Yield: 4.00 gpm
Disinfection: 24.00 hrs. Handpump: Afridev
Water Colour: Clear Water Odour: None
Turbidity: Clear Taste: Good
Nitrate: Bacti Test: Negative
Iron: pH: 6.500

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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