Installing Compressor Turbo
Installing Compressor Turbo
New cyclone for compressor
New cyclone for compressor
Mechanic working on Compressor
Mechanic working on Compressor
Close up of work
Close up of work
The drill team in Liberia thank
Laura Roeleveld & Family (Aurora, ON )

For building their capacity with Compressor Repair and Turbo Replacement

A message from the community

Drilling in Liberia is synonymous with working in the harshest of conditions. Heat, dust, and terrain all contribute to the brutal punishment that Lifewater Liberia's equipment and team must endure.

While the team is excellent in their upkeep and maintenance of equipment, at times, unavoidable and unexpected equipment failures occur. This happened when the turbo on the team's Cummins-powered diesel compressor suffered catastrophic failure. Without the compressor, and with no replacement available anywhere in the entire nation, drilling was forced to cease while replacement parts were shipped from Canada. 

During the repair process, it was determined that the failure was due to dust being ingested through the turbo's air intake, all but unavoidable given the harsh and dusty conditions. In an effort to minimize this risk in the future, a cyclone pre-filter was added. This is a common fixture in agricultural and mining operations, and will contribute to the overall longevity of the compressor.

Some community details (provided by our in-country partners)

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