New Well for Sundaygar Town (Quarter#4)
Old Water Source
Overview of Community
Celebration of New Well
Health & Hygiene Workshop
The People of SundaygarTown (Quarter#4), Liberia, thank
Johnathan & Elizabeth Harder (Edmonton, AB)

For helping them get safe drinking water
Latitude: 6.232365 Longitude: -10.404268
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Dear Lifewater & Sponsor(s)

On behalf of the town, we say thank you for the hand pump.  A big thank you also to the Sponsor for this big,big gift. Let God continue to give strength to do more in this country who are in need.


Aurthur Kessilliel


Dear Lifewater & Sponsor(s)

Greetings come to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are so grateful for this one day training in our community. This workshop teaches us how to maintain a clean environment, good hygiene, drinking water and much more. We are happy for this workshop, and whatsoever taught in this training will be part of our tools and learning, and we are going to put it into practice to safeguard our community.

Thank you,

Richard Chayee, Chairman


Project Summary

Sundaygar Town Q#4 is located on a hill along the Robert International Airport Highway (RIA) between the Sugar Hill community and Smell No Taste community, on the right hand side from Monrovia and is within the Needowein clan, Margibi.

This part of Sundaygar town is the main part and first area to be established. Pa Sundaygar, whose name the community is named after. Long ago this part of the area was quite isolated.  It was a long time before people began to move in to build and expanse the town. Today it is a very large town with more than hundred homes, populated with mostly women and children. They earn their living by selling, working with different contractual group and farming.

They had a serious water problem because of the location of the Town that children have to walk for 20 to 30 minutes to  crossed the main car road to get hand dug well water ever morning before going to school.

The H & H workshop team was highly appreciated by the women and youth. Lessons on how to take care of their environment and how to purify their drinking water every time before consumption, hand washing and sanitation improvements were received gratefully.

At the end of the entire drilling process the community in a joyous mode celebrated the new hand pumps and presented a certificate of appreciation to the life water Management for their timely intervention, giving them clean water and the living water from God. 


This well was drilled as part of a cooperative NGO initiative to provide safe drinking water to all Liberian's. Thanks to ''The Last Well Inc.'' for their coordination and support! 


Well Details

Project Completed: 2019-10-25 Well Depth: 80 ft.
Depth of Water: 15.00 ft. Casing Diameter: 4.00 in.
Screen Length: 20.00 ft. Developed By: Electric Pump
Development Time: 2.00 hrs. Well Yield: 6.00 gpm
Disinfection: 24.00 hrs. Handpump: Afridev
Water Colour: Clear Water Odour: None
Turbidity: Clear Taste: Good
Nitrate: 0.000 mg/L Bacti Test: Negative
Iron: 0.000 mg/L pH: 7.000

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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