“It's easy to forget that children can be role models for us (adults) sometimes,” says Andrew Sarta whose two daughters and two of their friends organized a bake sale that raised $500 for Lifewater.

“We wanted to raise money for water because it's very important and some people don't get clean water,” explained the children from East York, Ontario.

With help from their parents, the three girls and one boy baked cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and pumpkin bread that they sold – along with lemonade. They aimed their appeal at people passing by, at their own family members, and at friends.

What did each of them learn from the fundraising event?

“How to make people buy our stuff,” says Aasha Sarta, 9.

“How we can [raise] money,” says Marcus Silva, 7.

“It's hard work!” says Adrianna Silva, 10.

“It's fun,” adds Alessia Sarta, 7.

They shared their experience recently with Jeff Adams, Lifewater’s Donor Relations Manager, in a Zoom video call during which they wanted to learn more about what it’s like to live without safe water, and how wells are drilled and maintained.

Jeff answered their questions, thanked each of them, and then asked: “If they could speak to the children and adults to whom you are providing safe water, what would you say?”

“We hope this water keeps you safe and healthy for the rest of your life,” they replied.

“We're incredibly proud of all four kids for taking the initiative that they did,” says Andrew. “They had the idea to raise money for charity all on their own and were very imaginative in coming up with ways to get into the community.”

Meanwhile, the $500 the children raised has been invested in repairing four hand pumps in various communities in Haiti so safe water is flowing again for thousands of children and adults there.

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Marcus & Adrianna Silva, and Aasha & Alessia Sarta

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!






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