Sumeta Women's Group

The Sumeta Women’s Group in Kenya's Nakuru County began in 2016 when women joined forces to improve their community in various ways.

One of their goals was easier access to safe water. They'd grown very tired of walking for several kilometres each day through mountainous terrain in search of water. They knew rainwater was seasonally available but couldn't harvest and store much of it for use during dry seasons. 

“We are living on the mountain and so we have rain, but we couldn’t harvest enough of it,” recalls Judy Kirui, chairwoman of the group. 

Then Lifewater Canada donors provided rainwater catchment and storage systems. Each of the group's 23 members received a system (including a 3,000-litre storage tank) to meet her family's water needs.

Now, Judy says, the time she and other group members are saving that used to be spent fetching water is being invested in helping them grow more crops to feed their families.

“So much weight has been lifted off my back -- literally. My heart is beaming with joy. Thank you so much. This is not just helping us women in the community but serving our families and neighbours as well. Thank you for reaching out to us with love."

Below are photos of Judy and some of the other Sumeta Women's Group members.

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Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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