Rainwater Catchment and Storage

In areas of Africa and other parts of the world where water is scarce, being able to gather and store it during rainy seasons is essential to survival.

It’s why Lifewater Canada donors – in addition to drilling new wells and repairing old ones – can invest in rainwater catchment and storage systems. We’ve been busy recently installing the systems at rural schools in Kenya’s Mwingi district.

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This is the muddy spring from which students at one school – Kasina Primary -- gathered water each day.


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The first load of 10,000-litre water storage tanks arrives from Nairobi at Mwanyani Primary School.


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 A masked Francis Ogola, from Lifewater’s partner organization Christ Mission to the World, leads the rainwater catchment and storage program at Kenya schools. Here, he is with Mwanyani Primary School teachers after delivering a rainwater catchment and storage system.


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 The head teacher and pupils of another school – Yanyonge Primary – trek through rugged terrain to come to Lifewater’s aid because the road to the school was impassable.


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 They join in moving the tank up and down the steep hillsides.


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The tank finally arrives at the school!


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A truck delivering eavestroughs, drainpipes, and other construction materials arrives at another school – Yangonge Primary – to which a water tank has also been delivered.


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Similar materials being unloaded at Kathanze Secondary School.


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Construction work at Yanyonge school begins.


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Parents at Kathanze Secondary School help construct the base on which the water tank will sit.


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The concrete base is completed.


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The tank is positioned on top of the concrete base, the eavestroughs are added to the edges of the school roof, and piping is installed to direct the rainwater from the roof into the storage tank.


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Construction always includes hand-washing stations for schoolchildren and staff.


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The handwashing begins!


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Students at Kasavoni Primary School in front of their new rainwater catchment and storage system, with a delighted Francis in the back row!


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Students at Kalanga Primary School with their new rainwater catchment and storage system . . . 


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. . . and a similar system at another school, Kathanze Secondary.


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“THANK YOU!” these little scholars tell us.


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Francis talks to some of the parents at Ngangani Primary School, telling them how his love – and Lifewater’s love – for Jesus Christ inspires our passion to provide safe water to struggling people in Africa and Haiti.


You are welcome to also watch a two-minute video about our rainwater catchment and storage program:

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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