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Thank-you letters from afar

People in Africa and Haiti who receive safe water through new wells, repaired pumps, and other Lifewater projects often write thank-you letters to us and our donors.

We offer some here, to illustrate how life-transforming a water project funded by you can be:


We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all Lifewater staff and to the many donors whose faces we will never see but will always remember as those who came to our rescue.

We now know this new well will solve many of our health problems and minimize the effects of poor unsanitary drinking water that we have suffered through for decades. We are very grateful and will always pray for you -- that you might extend the hand of mercy to other communities like ours that still have no safe water to drink."

Florence P. Kollie, resident


For the past 42 years, since this town was established, we have been drinking creek water or from a shallow hole in the swamp. Today, by the grace of God, we are very proud to have safe water to drink. May the Lord who is good all the time be thanked for your kindness to bring us this miracle.


John Cooper, tribe chief


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On behalf of all who will now enjoy safe water to drink from the new well and hand pump you have planted in our quarter (town), we offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

It means more to us than our few words can ever explain. So long we have suffered because our water was poor. Until your hygiene lesson, we really didn't understand why we were so often sick and why some of the children suffered so -- even perished. It was so common, we considered it just a part of life. Now we know better. We will wash our hands and we will be more careful with our water that comes from the pump.

For all of this, we are very grateful.

Rev. John Nyorkor Sr. 


We have been crying out with our need for safe water for years. It has been a constant hardship -- and until we had the hygiene workshop, we had really no idea the effect having no good drinking water was having on all of us and especially our babies. So many times we were awake in the night worrying for our little ones as they cried, and we had no idea it was because of the water we were giving them. It is a sad thing to be ignorant and hurt the ones you love the most.

Your presence in our village has made everyone happy, and we joined with you at the water well dedication service (carefully, because of COVID) but with all of our hearts thanking God for this great blessing.

Thank you.

Annie Cole, resident


We experienced great joy when we saw the Lifewater truck come into our community. We have suffered a very long time now for the lack of water that is safe to drink. We all get sick, but our children most of all, and after our time spent with your expert team of teachers, we know why now. We have been giving them water that was unsafe. You have taught us and then gave us the solution to these troubles with the planting of this new well and hand pump.

Words fail to express how much it will make our lives better.

Thank you.

Solomon V. Johnson, community secretary


Our quarter (town) has been struggling with the deep need for water. We learned much at the hygiene workshop you so graciously provided us. Now we know why we have been sick so often. It really came to a head with the threat of COVID how much we need to protect this new water well -- not only for our drinking water but to have abundant water close at hand to be able to keep our homes clean and wash our hands often. 

Thank you for coming to us in this day of great fear.

Ben T. Kaye, town development chairman


Everyone is rejoicing now for this new well. It is such a blessing and will be a big help, especially to our women and children who carry the water home. Our community is so much better to live in with safe water right in our midst. 

Please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for this solid foundation that safe water brings to us.

Jefferson O. Haggard, community leader

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The entire Africa Inland Church Jirani congregation and leadership hereby acknowledges the receipt of your kind donation of a 10,000-litre tank for water storage.

The tank will be used to harvest rain water for domestic use in the church which does not have a piped water supply.

This is one of the most valuable donations we have received during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kindly receive our heartfelt appreciation for this timely donation.

May the Lord's blessings be upon you as you endeavor to reach out to needy communities.

Stephen Muigai, church council secretary



Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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