How much does it cost to sponsor a well in Africa or Haiti?

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The average costs to sponsor various types of water projects are listed below. We provide overall averages because costs may vary country by country or even community by community, due to several factors including the price of local materials and equipment. We review our costs regularly to ensure the averages we list here are accurate.

If you wish to sponsor a well or other project but can't afford to do so all by yourself, we will gladly match you with other donors as co-sponsors. We also encourage you to work with your co-workers, school, extended family, local church, friends, and neighbours to organize fund-raising drives to reach one or more of the following sponsorship levels:

Project Sole Sponsor 
Drill a new water well An average $5,200

Rehabilitate an existing well, including replacing a broken hand pump and the concrete pump pad

An average $1,450
Repair a broken hand pump An average $170

Build communal toilets

An average $6,000
  1. Well prices can vary with well depth, location (Is the well easily accessible or remote? Are we drilling into rock or simply sand?), and country. Toilet prices can vary by size and complexity of project.
  2. These are average costs at sites selected by local Lifewater teams. It may cost more for a project at a site the sponsor selects if Lifewater is not already working in that area.
  3. If you want to sponsor a well or other project in Africa or Haiti in a community of your choosing, the cost may be at least $1,000 more. For a well with limited public access, the cost is typically at least $3,000 more. 
  4. Villagers actively participate in the work, usually contributing $100 to $300 towards each project through cash payments, supplies, labour, and services.


Other Important Sponsorship Needs

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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