Meet Yohanna - a Lifewater Well Caretaker

We hope you understand that it’s important for communities where Lifewater drills and repairs wells to take as much responsibility for the project as possible.

When communities truly “own” the water project, it is much more likely to be a long-term success.

We expect communities to contribute financially. They can provide a relatively small cash payment or they can provide “sweat equity” – helping to filter sand and gravel, mix cement, etc.

We also expect communities to appoint a local Caretaker for the completed well. This is someone we train and equip to provide regular maintenance and minor repairs.

In Angwa Salama Petti, a village in Nigeria, we began training a man named Yohanna to care for several wells in the area. Yohanna has progressed quickly – so quickly that he has become part of our repair team.

Yohanna (in the red cap below) learned about two wells in the area that weren’t achieving an adequate flow of water. He helped lead efforts to get the well pumps repaired.

“Today, the people of Angwa Salama Petti look towards Yohanna, a young man from their community, as the face of pump repairs,” says Hosea Apeh, leader of Lifewater’s Nigerian drilling and repair team. “We are grateful to God that we can minister to this community.”

We’ll continue to train other men and women like Yohanna to be Well Caretakers – equipping them with valuable technical skills, and helping their communities to avoid dependency on outside help.

Will you support this vital training in Africa and Haiti? You can donate today.

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Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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