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2019 Impact & Assessment

Transparent release of a charity's expenditures, outcomes, impact and plans are vital for donors in determining who to trust with their giving. For this reason we have decided to open our data to the public in an accessible, simple way through this page. You can find hyperlinks to our data, along with explanations and commentary, below.

At the beginning of each year we plan out what we want to see achieved, and at the end of the year we see how the results compare, for better or for worse. To see our projected vs. actual results with a brief discussion, click here.

An exciting aspect of what we do here at Lifewater Canada is seeing how many people have been given access to safe drinking water. Compare it to previous years, and its amazing to see the growth. To see the population we have served over the past 5 years, on a stacked line chart, click here. To see how many new communities we have served since 1995, click here. To see how many of each project type, whether wells, washrooms etc, click here.  

Another important piece of data to see is how much money a charity is spending, and where. How much are we spending on wells? How much are we spending on overhead? To see these numbers along with the rest of what we spend our money on, click here. If you are interested to see how much is spent by country, to assess where we have been placing our efforts, click here

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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