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How much does it cost to buy a well in Africa or Haiti? If you wish to sponsor a project at a specific location (such as a school that your group has adopted), we ask that you cover 100% of the project costs. Fees for directed projects are significantly higher than those drilled at locations chosen by the local teams. The cost to buy a well in Africa depends on how far the workers have to travel to get to the area, the condition of the roads, degree of community involvement, drilling conditions, borehole depth etc. There is also decreased efficiency when the team has to break from their scheduled work with community clusters in order to carry-out a donor directed project. Directed project costs are based on cost-recovery for the local teams. An example how much it costs to build a well in Africa is broken down below for a hypothetical Liberian Community:

Activity Cost
Project Initiation & Community Education Fee $500
Non-Refundable Zone Based Mobilization Charge $400 - $1,200
Non-Refundable Project Deposit $2,500
Additional Well Construction Charges
      Drilling Completion Payment $3,700
      Per Foot Additional (beyond 50 ft) $50/ft
      Handpump Installation (includes cement pad) $1,000
Additional Latrine Completion Charge $1,000
If you are willing to pay the cost to buy a well in Africa, you should follow the steps outlined below:
  1. Directed projects are currently only available in Liberia and Northern Haiti.

  2. requires a $500 USD project initiation fee along with local contact name(s) and phone numbers (and email where available) before starting the project. This fee covers the cost of the Lifewater team working with Community Leaders to organize a site visit, travelling to the site and assessing drilling conditions and/or options for constructing communal washroom(s), and holding a community health & hygiene workshop.

  3. After this assessment work has been done, if it is determined that there is a good chance of successfully drilling a well or building the communal washroom, a non-refundable payment should be sent to ($2,500 drilling deposit plus the zone-based mobilization fee). This payment covers the cost of community mobilization meetings, equipment mobilization and up to two (2) attempts to construct a borehole or one (1) attempt to dig and line a washroom vault. Well yield and water quality can not be guaranteed.

  4. Once your non-refundable deposit has been received, your community is added to list of pending projects. Depending on previously confirmed local committments and whether it is rainy season, it can take several months for the project to start.

  5. You are encouraged to work directly with your in-country representatives to have the community provide as much support for this project as possible (financial, materials, labour). Local participation in the project leads to community ownership and long-term maintenance of the completed well and/or washroom. Reductions in the final project price should be negotiated with prior to work being commenced.

  6. The drilling completion fee covers all borehole, well casing, well screen, centralizers and other expenses associated with completing a well up to a maximum of 50 feet. Drilling beyond this depth will be billed at a rate of $30/foot. These fees are only charged if the well is successfully completed.

  7. For well projects, a handpump and cement pad will be installed if adequate quantities of safe water are found (typically 2 GPM or greater). The pump installation fee includes completion of well development, disinfection, and training of Community Caretaker and Pump Repair Technician.

  8. The balance of the cost to buy a well in Africa should be paid once documentation demonstrating project completion have been received.

PLEASE NOTE: The cost to buy a well in Africa covers services to go to your site and drill a hole in the ground, inserting casing and, if appropriate, planting a handpump and cement pad. The quantity and quality of water in the well is NOT guaranteed.


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