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Liberian town mourns children who died from bad water

Kurkai is an impoverished town in northwestern Liberia where the water from a hand-dug well in the area was so contaminated that many little boys and girls died after drinking from it.

We learned about the town’s plight when we received a tragic report saying: “In Kurkai, the outbreak of waterborne diseases is frequent and has claimed the lives of many children below the age of five.”

Thankfully, donors from Canada and the U.S. joined forces to enable Lifewater to drill a new 20-metre well and install a modern handpump in Kurkai that is providing clear, safe water.

Because the new well is so readily accessible, young girls and women who traditionally gather water for their families each day no longer need to miss school while walking to and from the old hand-dug well.

“Thank God for Lifewater,” says Fanta Jollah, a local community leader. “Our worries are finally over. Now our children can go to school and live free from the running stomach (diarrhea).”

But sadly, there are many towns and villages where people are still trying to survive while drinking contaminated water from shallow wells or ditches or streams. Will you help to pay for a life-saving well and pump in Africa or Haiti through Lifewater Canada? You can donate today.

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