Safe water flowing for Sundaygar Town!
Old Water Source
Overview of Community
Celebration of New Well
Health & Hygiene Workshop
The People of Sundaygar Town (Quarter#1), Liberia, thank
City of Barrie Water Dept H2O for Life Charity Golf Tournament (Barrie, ON)
In memory of Steve Cripps
NW Ontario Water & Wastewater Assoc. (Thunder Bay, ON)

For helping them get safe drinking water
Latitude: 6.248219 Longitude: -10.398304
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Dear Lifewater & Sponsors

With appreciation, we wish to extend this letter to you in Jesus Name.  We the citizens of this community give you many thanks for your sacrificial services to the people of this community for bringing safe water to us. While we will likely never meet in person, we want you to know that we are grateful. Your gift of safe water has brought both health and hope to our community. Thanks for giving us the hand-up that we needed!

Sincerely yours,

Bro.Thomas DC.Reeves


Dear Sponsor,

We the citizens of this community give you many thanks for this all important workshop. We hardily appreciate you and your teaching staff for this all important workshop. What we have learned will be part of our tools, and are going to put it into practice to safeguard our community. Sir, we hardily appreciate this kind gesture within our community. Thanks!

Sincerely yours,

Richard Chayee


Project Summary

Sundaygar Town Q#1 is located along the Robert International Airport Highway between Sugar Hill Town and Smell No Taste Town within the Margibi County. This community was established by William Sundaygar and named after him who is now deceased.

This town has approximately 750 citizens, mostly young people and children, with farming and charcoal burning as their basic livelihood.

Open hand dug wells have been their only source of water, and these wells are not safe to drink from, leaving the people vulnerable to water borne diseases.

On September 12, 2019 Lifewater Liberia conducted a Health & Hygiene Workshop for this community with 21 participants. With the information they have learned and put into practice, and a new well providing safe clean water, they will have health and hope for a better future.


This well was drilled as part of a cooperative NGO initiative to provide safe drinking water to all Liberian's. Thanks to ''The Last Well Inc.'' for their coordination and support! 




Well Details

Project Completed: 2019-10-26 Well Depth: 160 ft.
Depth of Water: 20.00 ft. Casing Diameter: 4.00 in.
Screen Length: 40.00 ft. Developed By: Electric Pump
Development Time: 2.00 hrs. Well Yield: 6.00 gpm
Disinfection: 24.00 hrs. Handpump: Afridev
Water Colour: Clear Water Odour: None
Turbidity: Clear Taste: Good
Nitrate: 0.000 mg/L Bacti Test: Negative
Iron: 0.000 mg/L pH: 7.000

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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