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Appendix P

LS-100 Assembly Instructions line

Before you begin assembling the LS-100, unpack the shipping crate in a secure, dry, clean area to ensure that all the parts are still in the crate. When assembling or repairing the LS-100 and mud pump, it is helpful to make reference to Figure 1 below which shows the various components of the LS-100.

  1. Remove Base (11) from the crate and install stabilizer tubes (9) and secure with set screws (10). Remove Mast Assembly (1) from crate and install onto Base with the 1/2-inch bolts (12) using a lock-washer under each head.

  2. Remove Rotary Assembly (4) & (5) from carton. Place assembly on the shuttle bracket (6) while guiding the 2 bolts into the hinges.

  3. Note that the push-pull type throttle comes installed. If the throttle keeps retracting, ensure that the throttle spring on the engine has been removed.

  4. Connect side Entry Swivel to 3 way Valve with short 5' Hose Assembly (3).

  5. Connect the by-pass hose to the nipple in the bottom of the 3-way valve.

  6. Connect the mud pump discharge hose to the side port of the 3-way valve.

  7. Connect the mud pump suction hose to the suction port of the pump and place the foot valve in the suction pit.

Figure 31: LS-100 Assembly

LS-100 Assembly


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