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The People of Uhuru Primary School, Kenya, thank
Martha Kouwenhoven (Burlington, ON)
Peter & Mina Bartes (North York, ON)

For helping them build a community washroom
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Dear Honorable Sir We greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour. Greetings to you from Kenya. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our school. We are very proud of Uhuru Primary School. She was built in 1967 right after Kenya became a country. Through the new ''Harambee'' tradition, the entire community pulled together and in one year built the school so that our children could get educated. However, now we are having a hard time stretching our schillings to cover even basic expenses like Teachers salaries. As a result, there is little left over to improve and replace things over the year. There greatest area of distress has been our toileting facilities. They have been in continuous use for over 40 years and their useful like really ended some time ago. But we continue to use them due to lack of alternatives. The wood supporting the hole beneath the teachers facility rotted, causing the floor to sag dangerously. The government inspector condemned them, threatening our school with closure. That is until you came to our rescue and support with a new teachers washroom! And I am sad to say that the pit is so full, that the smell is very intense and deposits sometimes are mounded out of the pit above the floor, causing a very bad situation. May God bless you richly for having come to our aid. With much thanks, Uhuru Primary Principal

Project Summary

Uhuru means in English is freedom in Swahili. The school covers grades 1-8, Enrollment for 2010 was 802 students plus 49 kindergarten students [Boys - 418,Girls - 384, and 19 teachers. There is also a large Kindergarten with 4 teachers plus 3 supportive staff.

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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