Inside of Completed Washroom
Septic Tank
Proud New Mother with Midwife
Birthing Chair
Elizabeth howing Meagre Supplies
The People of Zuba Town Birthing Center, Liberia, thank
Jodi King & Supporters (Winnipeg, MB)

For helping them build a community washroom


Dear Sir: We are so grateful for the rich blessing of a Washroom for our Birthing Center. Before this was constructed by Lifewater, our labouring mothers had to get up and go outside to find a place to toiletopenly behind the center or in the bushes. Now they can toilet with dignity in the privacy of our birthing center. On behalf of all the mothers and the clinic staff, we extend our deepest appreciation Elizabeth Bimba Bimba Birthing Cnter

Project Summary

Canadian volunteers in Liberia have seen many difficult things, including the pight of pregnant women. While it is not uncommon for pregnancies to be the resllt of rape, births of healhy chlldren are always celebrated. However, the birthing process is often very primative. Many women can not afford to birth in a hospital and so frequently do so at home without adquate medical supervision. The prevailace of AIDS has led to much fear amoung Doctors, Nurses and Midwives, especially during the birthing process due to the abundance of bodilyfluids and risk of getting cut or having exposed open wounds. Despte these very real concerns, Elizabeth undertood to help labouring women in the Duport Road area and, at personal expense, built a primative birthing centre and even manage to aquire a birthing table. While this facility and her loving care have been a great blessing to local women, they had to run outside and squat in the bushes to relieve themselves during the long labour process. This was often quite horrific, with its lack of dignity, increased pain and risk of speading disease.

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