Good Used Toyota 4x4 Drill Truck
Drill Truck loaded and ready to go out Drilling
Team "A" Drilling Well for Needy Village
Example of upcountry road the loaded truck goes on
Excited children getting water from new well!
The drill team in Liberia thank
Jim Hauck (Calgary, AB)
Jordan Tang (Toronto, ON)
"It is all about keeping the safe water flowing!"

For building their capacity with Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Drill Team Truck


Dear Sir,

It is with great joy that we offer this letter of thanks.  We were in despair as we had no trustworthy vehicle to go out drilling with.  The cost to keep our vehicles running was great and parts were hard to come by and of poor quality.  This new to us vehicle is an answer to our prayers.  Parts are commonly found in the market places and this new truck runs beautifully.  Thank you so much!

Not only this, but we are very appreciative of the strong rack that was added above the full length of the truck. This rack carries all of our empty drums. Drill Team "A" can now carry everything that they need to drill in one truck making one trip. This is so much faster and more cost efficient than the two trips that were required before!

The drill team boys are all excited about this and about not breaking down deep in the jungle any more. And this truck has strong 4x4 power so they can get to remote villages on bad upcountry roads - safe drinking water for everyone! Thanks so much!

We are very happy with your gift and have been able to immediately go out to get the water flowing to those in need.

 Thank you

Stephen Varfee

Project Coordinator

Project Summary

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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