New Gas Power Unit
Old Diesel Power Unit, parts shipped to refurbish unit
The drill team in Liberia thank
Bob & Dr. Olga Jarrett (Decatur, GA)
Paul & Bev Peterson (White Bear Lake, MN)

For building their capacity with LS350 Hydraulic Power Unit


Dear Sir:

We write to thank you for providing us with a hydraulic power unit. This machine is what makes our drilling pipe turn and gives us the force needed to raise it up or down. Without the power unit we cannot drill either using mud or air pressure with the hammer.

The previous unit we had was powered with a diesel engine. It was very reliable and gave us many years of good service but now it is broken and machine shops here in Liberia are stretched beyond their normal capacity to successfully replace the bearings, bore out the cylinders, add new pistons etc. Parts have been ordered from the USA and this repair work will continue in the months to come

In the meantime, with this new gas powered unit, we can continue to drill wells for countless men, women and children. This gas unit is much less costly, and is easier to repair here in Liberia. The Lord willing, the old diesel will be made to work again and will be available as a back up whenever the gas unit requires servicing or repair.

Thank you for helping make the rig strong so we can keep safe water flowing.

Project Summary

Gas powered 26 hp hydraulic power unit producing 2000 pounds per sq inch

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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