New Air Hammer -COP 54 Gold model # is 89001243
Old Air Hammer
Old Air Hammer
The drill team in Liberia thank
Charity Auto Sales (Penticton, BC)
Paul Harvey & Epiroc Canada (Langley, BC)

For building their capacity with Air Hammers & Break-out Bench for LS350 Drill Rig


Dear Sir:

Since the LS 350 rig arrived in Liberia, we have been using the 2 used air hammers that were sent from the United Kingdom. Lifewater Canada volunteers and local mechanics have repaired and rebuilt these hammers many times and they have served us well.

However, the one hammer is now cracked and can no longer be used and the other hammer no longer has the strength of youth and hits the rock like an old man.

We were fearful when this hammer gave its last gasp that we would be no longer able to drill. But now you have blessed us with a hammer that will strike  true and hard. And we will have a backup so that while the one hammer is being cleaned and serviced by our mechanics, we don’t have to sit down but can continue drilling with the other!

Even more, we are blessed with a special hydraulic tool that grips the hammer and turns with great force to safely rotate the bit off the hammer. In the past, we beat on it with the biggest wrenches we had and often had to bring the hammer to a machine man who would weld large iron bars to the bit, put the hammer in a vice grip, and then hit the bars with big sledge hammers. While he would eventually get the bits off, it was a very tense procedure that did, in fact, eventually break the one hammer. Now with this special bench, we have what professional drill companies in Canada use to change their bits smoothly, quickly and without damage. I can't tell you how happy we are!

We are grateful to God for sparing Bro. Paul's life last year and for giving him a vision and mission to help us out. We are thankful to Paul for sharing this vision with others and working hard to design and order what we need to replace and rebuild our worn-out drilling rig. And we appreciate you all who have supported him to make his dream become a reality.

Thank you for helping us be more efficient and provide safe drinking water to more people.

On behalf of the Board and staff of Lifewater Liberia Inc,

Rev. Varfee, Program Coordinator

Project Summary

The new air hammers are COP 54 Gold DTH model made by Secoroc (#89001243 from Epiroc). The down-the-hole (DTH) hammer is a percussion hammer drill. As the name implies, the hammer works down the hole at the end of the drill string, where the impact piston strikes the drill bit directly. Compressed air is led to the hammer via the rotation spindle and drill pipes. Exhaust air from the hammer is discharged through holes in the drill bit and used to flush clean the drill hole. Rotation is provided by a rotation unit on the feed beam and transmitted to the hammer via the drill pipes. The drill pipes are threaded so that the drill string can be extended as drilling progresses and the hole becomes deeper. Feed force is also transmitted to the hammer via the rotation unit and drill pipes. One of the main advantages of DTH hammers is that the drilling rate is not affected very much by the length or depth of the drill hole. These hammer are the only way to supply water to villages built in hard-rock areas.
The break-out bench is 120v and is Epiroc model #99000102. The threaded connections of the driver chuck and the top sub may become very tightly tensioned during drilling. It is convenient to break the hammer threads on the rig, but if the threads cannot be loosened or tend to get stuck, a breakout bench is the solution. This handy but powerful breakout bench can easily be placed in a workshop.
In addition, regular service intervals are essential to ensure high availability and low fuel consumption. To this end, your gift provided a combined field service breakout bench, allowing the team to break and service the hammer in the same vice. Instead of days, they now have full service on-site in just 30 minutes!

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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