Liberia Drill Team
What's inside
Compressor for LS350 Drill Rig
Under the hood
Internal components, refurbished & sent with 3 extra sets of filters
The drill team in Liberia thank
Insitu Contractors Inc. (Guelph, ON)
Harden Environmental Services Ltd. (Moffat, ON)

For building their capacity with Compressor for LS350 Drill Rig


Dear Sir:

Thank you so much for providing us with a replacement air compressor. The old one was too fancy with electronics and emission controls. It was constantly broken because it could not handle the heat of life here in Liberia. Whenever it was down, local mechanics did not have the computer tools needed to diagnose and repair issues that caused the compressor to not work. Over time the compressor became more and more damaged until finally we were no longer able to drill wells for towns built in hard rock areas. The women and children in these towns were suffering too much for having to walk far, far for water that made them sick.

Compressors like you sent are extremely rare here in Liberia and the only ones available for sale second hand are damaged and no good for drilling. New compressors here are priced even more expensive than buying a house. The new compressor is simple to operate and repair and will be used to cause safe water to flow to thousands of people.

Thank you for bringing encouragement to the workers and residents of Liberia.

Project Summary

Atlas Copco Compressor, with a Cummings Diesel Engine

The unit produces 150 pounds per square inch air pressure. This air pressure causes the air hammer to drive the bit up and down dozens of times per second allowing the bit’s diamond cutting teeth to cut into hard rock.

The unit produces 350 cubic feet per second air flow. The air flow then carries the cuttings up and out of the borehole.

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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