Laying 4" PVC with drainage holes for overflow from Workshop Roof
Establishing Drainage system by Wall
Filling in Drainage ditch
Completed drainage system
Village Children
The drill team in Haiti thank
Generous Supporters & Families (Canada & USA)
William & Rosanna Tong (Richmond Hill, ON)
In Memory of Mother Mrs. Leung Yak Chun

For building their capacity with Install Hurricane Proofing Yard Drainage


Dear Lifewater Donor,

Thank you so much for your support on this project. We were paralyzed after the hurricane knocked down 150 feet of compound perimeter wall. This 12 foot high wall not only provided security for our drilling equipment and supplies, but it doubled as a retaining wall, holding back 6 feet of dirt needed to create a level work yard.

The wall is now not only rebuilt better than before, but bigger, better drainage pipes were added using materials flown in from Canada. You can no longer see all the drainage pipes covered in special cloth and surrounded in gravel because they are almost entirely buried below the ground. But we know that they are there and sleep better at night because of them!

No one around here has ever seen a drainage system like this. But when it was being built, we could quickly see how it will help direct flood water out of the compound during heavy rains and future hurricanes. Many local people helped install this system and knowledge of it will help many places here in Haiti.

With this drainage system in place, we are assured that a calamity like this will never befall us again.

We are very grateful for your kind generosity.

Yours truly,

Lifewater D'Haiti Team

Project Summary

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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