Volunteer Working on Worker Housing Permanent Lighting
Newly Installed Lights in Front of Houses
Lighting by Women's Porches
New Emergency Lighting Upgrades
Outer View of Guard Tower Lighting
The drill team in Liberia thank
Bob & Olga Jarrett (Decatur, GA)

For building their capacity with Compound and Housing Security Light


Dear Sir/Madame Our lives have certainly had some changes over the last year. With the neighbours all gone now, we were feeling very vulnerable and alone. The gift of this extra lighting and the ability to keep the small generator running all night has made a wonderful difference to our sense of security. Although it was a lot of work to dig the trench and bury the direct bury wire, we are happy as we were very worried any wire stung overhead would be stolen, now we are confident it will be well for us. There have been some big changes to the entire compound lighting system as well. Now there is lighting available over the screen cutting area, both solar powered and electrical powered. The security guards have solar light available to them all night long in their guard house as well as a charging system for their phones and flashlights. The large emergency lights, used if there is any evidence of danger have had an overhaul and are working efficiently off their own battery bank. All the electrical within the multipurpose building has been upgraded or replaced as needed and additional wiring added to the offices to enable them to handle the increase in need there. Itís a marvelous improvement to our sense of security and our safety. Our thanks cannot be stated strongly enough. Our prayers and petitions to the Lord rise fervently as we ask Him to pour out His blessings on all who have made these improvements possible. With thanks Saye Waquoi Program Coordinator

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