New Pipe Storage Rack
Orphan Boys Helping
Welding Tools
Water Pump Hose & Drill Tools
Volunteer helping
The drill team in Kenya thank
Blossom Foundation (Toronoto, ON)

For building their capacity with Drill Pipe Rack & Drill Tools


Dear Sir/Madam: It is with wonder that we walk into our workshop now. All the drill pipe isn't spilling out into our workspace and we no longer have to walk over our drill rod to get to the items stored at the back. Since this is a multipurpose shed, many people were inconvenienced by the large volume of pump supplies and casing that we needed to store. It was great that our older orphan boys could jump right in and help with this project, they had a lot of fun and were inspired by the end result. I am happy to say that that is now no longer the case. We were all amazed at how much we can store in the new rack and it has inspired our staff to continue in this refreshing trend. Organization is a joy now and on rainy days we spend much time continuing your gracious gift. The complete set of tools, welding equipment and first aid kits are also very appreciated. It used to be when the drill team were up country we here at the workshop had nothing to use. Now we are completely outfitted and give God all the praise for this marvelous gift. Thank you very much. The Lifewater Kenya Drill team

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