New Washroom
Washroom Side View
Some of the Ladies living in the Home
Side view of New Washroom
Pumpable Pit for Septic Tank
The People of Kikopey Old Folks Washroom, Kenya, thank
Jeremiah and Claudia Eastman (Brampton, ON)
Ray Montgomery (Thunder Bay, ON)

For helping them build a community washroom


Dear Sir/Madam I take this opportunity to greet you in Jesus' name. As the guardian of the old aged people, I am much grateful for the great help you offered in the construction of the old aged people's toilet facility. Those toilets are modified in such a way that old people can use them without much struggling and guidance. The toilets are easy to clean and also to maintain. The toilets are also accessible since they have been constructed near the old aged people's house. There is also plenty of water in the toilets and in the showers that are attached to the toilets. It is a great help because the old people will be safer toileting and bathing and as their guardian I will now be able to have more time to care for their other needs. Everyone would like to offer their thanks for this great gift. May the Lord who provides bless you and guide you each and every day in all that you do. And may He never fail you in all your services. Yours faithfully Naomi Wanjiru Mwangi Old People's guardian

Project Summary

Due to age of the people we shall have the toilet being for water closets and also provide the eastern type and western type to be old age friendly, now that we have water in the center. In this sanitation facility we shall therefore have a septic tank and a soak pit. The Septic tank is huge and has been constructed in such a way to ensure it will last a lifetime. Double lined with good bricks so that it can be pumped out when full.

Every $1 you give provides a child with safe water for a year!

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